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Scented candle

Barataria Bay

A wonderfully floral scented candle Barataria Bay, captivating, almost mesmerizing with wonderfully combined fragrances that are associated with the wildness of the bay, and at the same time with freshness and delicacy. The Barataria Bay candle has an energy and fineness, and its scent seems to elude the limits built by the senses. It perfectly captures the story of extraordinary pirates who had the courage to show their different faces. And it is brave, confident and strong. Such a scent will wonderfully emphasize good energy and uniqueness of every day.

Composition: 100% soy wax Made in EU, fragrance designed by CFF and KEVA(IFRA and REACH)

Weight: 180g

Container: glass Made in Poland

Lid: wooden(oak), painted with engraver and collector coin

Package: tube type with small book with history of the scent


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Meet the three notes

Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Top note

Green bouquets, sweet figs, a slightly tart bergamot and also an ambiguous neroli rule here.
Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Heart notes

They play to the rhythm of jasmine, rose, geranium and wild herbs, a stunning blend ready to break into every heart and take over it for good.
Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Base notes

Whereas, are created by an iris root, amber, tonka beans and botanical moss. Heady, sweet like wood, slightly powdery aromas that seem to swirl with the bay wind, caressing the senses and relaxing the body.

Pirate stories

Louisiana. A bit wild, mysterious, but so promising for the Laffite brothers. Pierre and Jean took a liking to the Gulf of Mexico and bravely plundered Spanish merchant ships to then smuggle the stolen goods into New Orleans. Barataria Bay was a perfect place for them. Overgrown with a dense vegetation, it seemed inaccessible and unfriendly, and therefore ideal for a safe haven for pirates. And although the Laffite brothers broke with the world of crime for a short time and risked their lives for the sake of the United States and won a favour from then-President Andrew Jackson, their pirate nature was unstoppable. Forced to abandon Barataria Bay, they took from it what is most valuable and what was to be associated forever with the years of their greatest glory …

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