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Scented candle

Port Royal

A candle that is sweet and spicy with an oriental aroma. The scents that make up the candle are an unusual, exotic-oriental blend with a strong, decisive aroma interwoven with sweetness and spicy notes. These are the scents of a victory and conciliation, strength and delicacy…. The Port Royal candle is a power, decisiveness and a bit of pleasant relax with a hint of romance and bliss. It will bring an almost mystical atmosphere and take you somewhere deep into the wild Jamaican world, which tempts with flavours, aromas and beauty of nature. Perfect to end an eventful day.

Composition: 100% soy wax Made in EU, fragrance designed by CFF and KEVA(IFRA and REACH)

Weight: 180g

Container: glass Made in Poland

Lid: wooden(oak), painted with engraver and collector coin

Package: tube type with small book with history of the scent



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Meet the three notes

Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Top note

It is an aromatic, black like the abyss of the sea coffee, combined with a sweet, berry finish. This is a favourite pirate treat – strong brew and wonderfully juicy, light fruit.
Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Heart notes

They are still accords of coffee, but juxtaposed with a Damask rose and a spicy finish, that is something unobvious to soften the morals.
Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Base notes

They are wild notes of dark amber, caramelized sugar, trees and musk, which are the still alive call of nature.

Pirate stories

Caribbean. Turquoise, warm waters and islands that tempt with their beauty and delight with the richness of nature. And among them there is Jamaica, the land of the most aromatic coffee and the most juicy, fleshy and wonderful fruits. This is where Port Royal is located – a refuge for pirates wandering the Caribbean waters. A refuge, but also a curse … Years of shameless plundering of Jamaican nature and appropriation of local goods brought their doom … In 1720 the local authorities decided to hit the pirate community and fight the expansion of hostile forces on Jamaican land. However, the legends of pirate perseverance are still alive today. After all, Port Royal hosted not just anyone. Henry James, Charles Vane, the famous Calico … That’s for them the best coffee beans were found, the most velvety petals of Damask roses were picked, only them had no shortage of juicy berries every evening … And that’s what survived. Fragrances, aromas and flavours, which till these days blend with each other in unique compositions and wander around the island, awakening a desire to learn about fantastic, pirate adventures in children and reminding adults that the power of nature is unbending and has the value above all else …

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