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Scented candle

St. Mary’s Island

A St. Mary’s Island candle with a coconut scent. It was the coconut that was used to create the scented candle St. Mary’s Island, which brings to mind an exotic, wonderful island, its sweetness and precious fruits. Combined with floral and woody accords, it creates a pleasant, blissful composition. The St. Mary’s Island Candle is like a homecoming, a great vision of peace, relaxation and pleasure to build the rest of the day. It is a sweet and floral, relaxing composition of scents that will allow you to completely distract yourself from reality and will take you to the world of a hot sun, a wonderful breeze from the ocean and palm trees that treat you with the sweetest coconuts.

Composition: 100% soy wax Made in EU, fragrance designed by CFF and KEVA(IFRA and REACH)

Weight: 180g

Container: glass Made in Poland

Lid: wooden(oak), painted with engraver and collector coin

Package: tube type with small book with history of the scent



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Meet the three notes

Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Top note

There is a coconut milk, greeting the thirsty ones after the conquest, and poinciana leaves, in the shadows of which they could hide.
Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Heart notes

They are almond flowers and coconut flakes as well as jasmine and orchid, so a sweet-floral combination created to feed the senses with a pure pleasure.
Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Base notes

They are created by Madagascar’s vanilla, tonka beans, cedar wood and musk, as a balm for the soul, for calming and relaxing.

Pirate stories

St. Mary (Ile Sainte-Marie) is an island off the coast of Madagascar, small but with great potential appreciated by such famous pirates as Captain Kidd, Thomas Tew and Henry Every. It was an ideal location for raids on European and Asian merchant ships. Here, too, in 1695, Henry Every organized one of the largest pirate attacks in history – on the Fateh Mohammed Gang-i-sawai ships – in which he got a loot of over 200 million dollars worth! Legends say that on St. Mary’s Island they established a colony called Libertalia where pirates settled with their entire families and even formed a democratic government. How much truth is there – it is difficult to judge, but it is certain that the island created ideal conditions for living, because it was full of real treasures …

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