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Scented candle


A candle with the scent of flowers and wildness. The Tortuga candle is like an abduction. Abduction by pirates, dangerous journey, exile to an island full of secrets, dangers, risks and… joy. This is where everyone could be who he really was. It is here where everyone reached for their dreams and whims. Therefore, it will be perfect as a promise of a successful day, the one you’re reaching for to achieve YOUR absolute fulfilment!

Composition: 100% soy wax Made in EU, fragrance designed by CFF and KEVA(IFRA and REACH)

Weight: 180g

Container: glass Made in Poland

Lid: wooden(oak), painted with engraver and collector coin

Package: tube type with small book with history of the scent



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Meet the three notes

Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Top note

It is created by an energetic grapefruit, a refreshing guava and a sweet pineapple, which have never been missing at pirate feasts.
Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Heart notes

They are black orchid, rose and hibiscus – a sensual combination of lightness and sweetness.
Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Base notes

They are created by tonka beans, brown sugar, amber and sandalwood trees and musk, they will keep you for longer, will addict and hypnotize you.

Pirate stories

It is one of the most famous pirate places for a reason. Located in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Haiti, for years it has been the mainstay of all the thieves and bandits, as well as a pirate shelter. Even a brotherhood, called “Brothers of the Coast”, was organized there, gathering social outcasts who created their own code of conduct. Amidst the lush Caribbean nature, lawlessness and debauchery flourished under ideal conditions. For years, Tortuga has been the target of pirates from England, the Netherlands and Portugal. With time, however, as a result of a depletion of nearby trade routes, it lost its importance in favour of the Gulf of Mexico. However, it is still a symbol of wildness, uncompromisingness and… a unique, pirate atmosphere. Everyone who wants to recreate it aims for what was the most intense on Tortuga …

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