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An island of unique treasures

Treasure Island

At a time when great ships subjugated the sea waves and the wind was fluttering the pirate flags, only one thing was talked about – treasures. Everyone dreamed of them, everyone wanted to discover them … But only the sea daredevils had the courage to reach for the most valuable – those that gave sensual and almost extrasensory experiences, those not to be tamed, those not to be locked. And yet. It is from these unique sensations and experiences, from gusts of winds from all over the world, from extraordinary stories and hundreds of kilometres of travels, that the Treasure Island brand was created – scented candles inspired by the adventurous and passionate pirate life.

Journey for the treasure

Treasure Island

Under the flag of the Treasure Island brand, 6 unique scented candles were created, and the best Italian perfumers contributed to this. Drawing on pirate stories, full of wildness, passion and uniqueness, combining them with 100% natural soy wax, scents that are different than any other have been created. They are the most valuable because they are made of sensations and wonders of nature. Their fleeting aromas remain in your memory for a long time and make you want to come back to them.

They tempt, delight, intrigue, and take you to another, unknown world. Each of the scented candles is one pirate stronghold, so in each one you’ll find extraordinary, unique treasures that will overwhelm your senses. There are notes of flowers and of the Orient, there are exotic fruits and inaccessible rocky shores, there is also the sweetness of victory and the thrill of risky adventures … And there is something else. There is something mysterious in each candle…

Six scents like six treasures – meet the Treasure Island scented candles

Each of the Treasure Island candles will take you on an extraordinary journey to the island where pirates once walked, discovering treasures that no one has dreamed of. Let yourself be carried away into a world full of beauty and luxury, a magical world governed by different laws, where the senses and wildness reign, and the treasures obtained are impossible to lock in any chest. For you, we have enchanted them in unique, unusual candles, in each of their aromas, in each movement of a flickering flame. Discover your most beautiful jewel enclosed in extraordinary fragrances.

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