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Scented candle

Clew Bay

Sweet, delicate fruity notes create a Clew Bay scented candle. It’s easy to get lost in them, let be fooled, and after a while you can feel something absolutely contrasting – strong accords of wood and musk, with a hint of herbs and spices. The scent is not obvious, wild, somewhat indeterminate, but definitely sensual. Just like a female nature … The Clew Bay candle is a scent of courage and breaking all stereotypes. It is a scent that will create an atmosphere of certainty and determination, and at the same time will make every moment pleasant. It is perfect to focus on action and pursuit of the goal, despite of an aura outside the window. It is a smell of strength, not only female – just of a pirate!

Composition: 100% soy wax Made in EU, fragrance designed by CFF and KEVA(IFRA and REACH)

Weight: 180g

Container: glass Made in Poland

Lid: wooden(oak), painted with engraver and collector coin

Package: tube type with small book with history of the scent



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Meet the three notes

Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Top note

It is formed by a tart lime zest, a sweet Mediterranean fig, a juicy mirabelle plum and blackcurrant. It’s easy to fall in love and surrender to its charm.
Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Heart notes

They are created by a fig leaf, a Taif rose and a violet with a slight fracture by warm spices.
Świece zapachowe Treasure Island

Base notes

It is a wonderfully sweet caramel accord with sandalwood and a musk that completes this extraordinary composition.

Pirate stories

Clew Bay off the coast of Western Ireland is the site of the conquest of the most dangerous female pirate – Grace O’Malley. Although male strength dominated all around, O’Malley was able to withstand the pressure and all conventions, creating her own fleet and a sailing clan that controlled the shores of the Green Island. Despite being captured and imprisoned for three years, she did not give up her profession, but in 1593 she surrendered to the English crown. She negotiated the release of her sons from prison with Elizabeth I, she also wanted to remove the then governor from the power, but the queen did not comply with it. O’Malley returned to a pirate life and continued to conquer English ships. The Queen of Pirates, as she was called, became famous for her great courage and perseverance in the fight for Ireland’s independence. The strength of her character, combined with her extraordinary beauty, were a source of exceptional strength for her. Few of the sailors remained indifferent to her beauty, which often meant doom for the poor. Clew Bay, home of O’Malley, seemed perfectly integrated with its ruler. Inaccessible, interspersed with numerous islands, enchanting with its nature, attracting, tempting and intriguing. And although a lot has changed, it doesn’t take much to return to the bay it was in the days of the Queen of Pirates …

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